Quince dessert/ Ayva tatlısı

In Turkish cuisine, quince is consumed in several different ways as quince jam,  compote, marmalade. Somehow, you could even add in cakes or pastries after sliced and dried… Making quince dessert is just another way of using this fruit. Quince really has a unique fragrance. When you cook with sugar and cloves or cinnamon, it smells heavenly….

Triangle-Shaped Pastries/ Muska Börekleri

Triangle- shaped pastry is a popular snack along with sweetened black tea here in Turkey. It generally consists of a fried or baked triangular pastry shell with a savory filling, which may include your favorite ingredient (meat or veggie). We use Turkish pastry sheets (Yufka) here for those kinds of pastries (Borek). But if you are…


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