Kayseri- Elmacıoğlu


Kayseri is a city located at the central part of Turkey which is famous with the meat products like pastrami and sausage. Kayseri was one of the cities we needed to visit until we come to city where we are leaving now.
This luscious picture was from a restaurant that is named Elmacioglu in Kayseri. If you are wondering about the dish, it is called “Iskender ” which by the way is really known and loved by Turkish people. Iskender kabob is one of the most famous meat foods of Northwestern Turkey. It is named after the person who found it in Bursa/Turkey. It is so famous that you can see the dish on the menu of almost every possible restaurants in Turkey…
Karsa gelene dek ziyaret ettiğimiz şehirlerden biriydi Kayseri. İskender de orda bulunan Elmacıoğlu restoranından. Nezih bir ortam ve hızlı bir servise sahipler. Kayseride bulunup ta keşfetmemiş olanlara ve Kayseriye yolu düşenlere tavsiye olunur.

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  1. Noodle says:

    >Hi there! My wife and I just moved to Incirlik AB in July. After eating olive salad in "the Alley", I decided to look for a recipe and found your site! We are looking forward to trying your recipes and learning the dishes so we know what we are getting when we venture out of Incirlik Village. Thanks for the useful blog!Hoşçakal!

  2. >Hello,I am glad that you like the recipes on the blog. And I hope you'll like the city which (by the way) is my hometown! Enjoy Great Turkish foods!

  3. A Glass Bash says:

    >I would love to know if it's possible to make Iskender at home. I miss it sooo much. If I don't find it first do you know a salad that used cucumbers and I think tomatoes in it??Great looking blog! After spending 2 years in Ankara there just a few things I miss

  4. >Hi there,I don't think it will be the same taste but you could try it at home just like I did. I prepared and it doesn't look like the original one but you can reach the recipe by writing "Hommade Iskender kabob" in search button. Thanks for stopping by and for neat comments!

  5. It was enjoyable cuisine for me. I liked Iskender kebap

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