Oven fried cigar shape pastry with ground beef filling/ Fırında Kıymalı Sigara Böreği

Fırında kıymalı sigara böreği


1 paket üçgen yufka

İçi için

200 gr kıyma
1 adet kuru soğan

3 y.k. sıvıyağ

2 adet sivribiber
1 adet domates
Toz biber
1 yemek kaşığı salça
Yeterince sıvıyağ veya zeytinyağ


İç harcı hazırlamak için, incecik doğranmış soğanı 3 kaşık yağda soteleyin. Salçayı, sivri biberleri, kıymayı ve kabuğu soyulup küçücük doğranmış domatesi sırayla ekleyip kavurun. En son baharatlarını ilave edip ocağın altını kapatın.

Oda sıcaklığına gelince yufkaların geniş kısmına 1 yemek kaşığı kıymalı harçtan yayıp sigara böreği gibi sarın. Zeytinyağına batırıp yahut fırça yardımıyla yufkalara sürüp hafif yağlanmış tepsiye dizin. Önceden ısınmış fırında kızarıncaya dek pişirin.

Oven fried cigar shape pastry with ground beef filling


1 package Turkish triangle pastry

For filling

8-10 oz ground beef
1 onion, finely copped
2 green peppers, diced
1 tomato, peeled and diced
3 tbsp oil
Black pepper
1 tbsp pepper paste

Cooking oil


To prepare filling, sauté onion in 3 tbsp oil in a medium pan. Add pepper paste and mix well. Stir in green peppers, tomato, and ground beef one by one. Sauté that for 15 mınutes or until lightly brown. Turn the heat off and let cool down a little.Spread each sheet of dough on a flat surface. Place 1 tbsp ground beef filling on wide side of dough. Fold both sides over filling and roll till end. Brush the end of the dough with water and stick it.

Brush them with cooking oil and place ½ inch apart on lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake until golden brown. Serve warm and crispy.


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  1. sema--UsA says:

    >sis Hulya , its been a very long time… we didnt hear from ur postings… insallah everything is ok? waiting for your betiful recipes! thanx,Sema -Usa

  2. >Hello Sema,I am expecting a baby and I m having hard time with morning sickness..I can’t cook, I can’t eat. That’s why I couldn’t post new recipes. I hope I will get back to normal life soon. Thank you very much for asking and your patience.

  3. sema-usa says:

    >ohhhh wow MasaAllah 🙂 im sooo happy to hear this beetiful news from u 🙂 and also sad on the other hand cuz im gonna miss ur recipes 🙂 lol insaAllah everything is gonna be just ok is this ur first child? im expecting baby on november too 🙂 by the way i have one daughter shes 3 also 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS HULYA ! gecmis olsun :))

  4. >Thank you..This is going to be my second. I have a 4 year old son. Congratulations to you too!

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Your blog is gorgeous. I am a food writer from Miami. I will be in Gaziantep the first week in October. I want to take a one-day or half-day cooking class. Do you give classes? If not, can you recommend cooking teachers in the city and give me their contact numbers? Thank you,Nancy Ancrum

  6. >Hello Nancy,Thank you for your nice comments but I am living in Athens/GA in USA. Unfortunately I don’t give cooking classes in Turkey and I dont know much about the teachers. I am sorry I couldn’t help, but I am glad to hear that you are going to my country. Enjoy your trip and delicious Turkish foods!

  7. Ozlem says:

    >Hulya abla, ben de tatile falan gittin zannetmistim, simdi yorumlari okudum. Tebrik ederim, inan cok cok sevindim bu super habere. Kendine cok iyi bak canim. Kendini hazir hissettiginde yine bloguna donmen temennisiyle, inan tariflerini ve anlatim tarzini cok seviyorum. Saglicakla ve selametle kal Hulyacim.

  8. >Sagolasin ozlem guzel dileklerin icin…

  9. Scott Rivera says:

    >What a delicious Cigar pastry, my mouth is filled with waters.If it looks can bring water to ones mouth what would be its taste.Its wiseful to give the recipe along with it otherwise people would have watched this delicious rolls and end up in tasting some other. I will definitely tell my mother to go through it and prepare these pastries for me as soon as possible.I feel few Cohiba Cigars along with this will make the dinner more special.

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