Geleneksel Tatlar / Traditional Turkish Foods




Kusbasili pide (beef stew pide)

Uzun bir aradan sonra tekrar merhaba! Turkiye ziyaretimiz devam ederken Restoranlardaki Geleneksel Turk yemeklerine bir goz atalim istedim. Asagida gorecegimiz yemekler iskender ve kusbasi kebap haric, Agridaki “green” restoran a aittir. Iskender kebap Ankaradaki “aba piknik”ten. Kusbasi kebap Urfa dan. Yolu dusenlerin mutlaka ugramasini tavsiye ederim!

Adana kebap


tavuk sish-Turkish style chicken sis-kebab






Cikolatali kek – Turkish style assorted chocolate cake



Traditional Turkish Foods

>hello ! Its been long time…we are together again to learn more about Turkish cuisine. I want to share Turkish foods in Local Turkish restaurants… Those dishes belong to GREEN Restaurant in Agri /Turkey…iskender dish was taken from ABA piknik in Ankara. Kusbasi kebab is from Urfa. Strongly suggested:))


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  1. Vera says:

    What are those peppers in the chicken shish-kebab photo? Are they sweet (versus hot)? Where do you find them? Are seeds available in the US?

  2. Hulya Unsal says:

    Hi Vera, The peppers are called ‘sivri biber’ in Turkey. The US counterparts are called Italian peppers. They could be both hot (with varying degrees) and sweet. You can’t tell them apart without testing. We have seen very similar peppers in a farmer market in mid Iowa. Due to strict seed regulations, it is not allowed to bring any seed from abroad. However there are two main places that you may want to look for seeds. The first one is USDA-GRIN system. This system is basically a seed bank that has over half a million different varieties of all cultivated crops that are called accessions. When you find what you want, you could fill out a request form and they will send the seeds for free including free shipping. The web site is a bit hard to work with and all accessions are sorted according to their scientific taxonomy and geographic location in which they are originally collected. You may look for Turkish land races. I don’t know how much of the seeds they have for peppers. second possible place that I would suggest you to look for is a non profit organization called “seed savers”. They exchange nice and novel garden seeds that are commercially sold. They have over 24 thousands of different varieties of garden vegetables and fruits. The web site is below. hope the information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions,


  3. Pamela says:

    You can bring seeds in to the US as long as they are in a sealed packet and treated. I have several friends including a greenhouse growing them. Hopefully one day they will be prevalent here. I love them. Sometimes I do use cubanell for about the same flavor.

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