6-7 medium potatoes
3 tbsp oil
2 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1/3 tsp cumin powder
½ tsp paprika
½ cup parmesan cheese
1/3 tsp dry rosemary leaves
1 tsp dry parsley
½ tsp dry mint


Preheat the oven to 350 F. Cut potatoes lengthwise into 8 wedges. In a medium bowl, combine potato wedges, all spices, parmesan cheese and oil.

Toss them evenly, and place them onto a greased large baking dish as one layer.

Bake them for about 25 minutes then get baking dish and sprinkle some more parmesan cheese and broil it for 5-10 minutes or until golden brown.

It really goes great with meat dishes as a side dish.