>Turkish borek with feta cheese

This is one of the most common dishes.

Cheese filling

2 cups crumbled feta cheese
½ bunch chopped parsley
1 egg white

And a package of phyllo dough
13x 9 baking pan

Liquid mixture:
1 cup milk
½ cup oil
1 egg yolk


Put all ingredients of cheese filling and mix them well with a fork. Put that aside. After thawed the phyllo dough, if it has two separated packages in it, use one of them for bottom and the other for upper. If it has a one package, use half of the sheets for bottom and the other half of them for upper.

To prepare the liquid mixture, we will blend all of them well in another bowl. We will start borek. Layer 2 sheets of dough at a time in a greased pan add 2 tbs liquid mixture over them and spread it with a brush. Do the same thing for all half of the dough. Then put the cheese mixture and spread it evenly all over the dough. Repeat putting 2 sheets of dough and brushing it with 2 tbs liquid mixture till the end of dough.

After finished the phyllo dough, cut the pastry into squares with a knife as you see in the picture. If you still have liquid mix pour over the pan if you run out of liquid, you can prepare an egg wash and brush the surface of the dough with that egg.

Pre-heat the oven to 350 F and pop borek in the oven and bake it until golden brown approximately 35-40 minutes.